7 reasons to stay with us:


  • A family-run spa hotel
  • Passionate hosts

Absolute “at home” feeling

  • Ideal for young and old, couples, people travelling alone, and families

In the heart of Germany

  • Ideal transport links
  • “The cultural and natural wonder that is the Harz”

A pampering programme which can take place in all weathers

  • Active holiday – numerous sporting activities
  • Relaxation holiday – the largest hotel spa complex in the Harz at 3500 m²

ALL-ROUND pampering programme

  • Almost everything is included
  • Special price savings
  • Full luxury board
  • Fulfilment of individual wishes

Feel-good rooms

  • “Everything that the heart desires – from modern to tasteful”

Simply. Be. Happy! by RoLigio®

  • A unique, multi award-winning spa concept with professional spa experts

Tradition & History Hotel Romantischer Winkel

Innovation from tradition

Tradition is an important part of our philosophy

For 50 years, we have aspired to provide our guests with joie de vivre and an enrichment to their lives which extends beyond their holiday. Grandma Oelkers was already laying the foundations for this in her time with her passionate sense of hospitality. Her devotion to her guests is a trait which has since been passed on to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When Annemarie and Wolfgang Oelkers opened the Harzhotel Romantischer Winkel in 1978, they had but one thing in mind: the well-being of their guests. This is something which they handed over to us in 2001, along with the hotel.

RoLigio®, our spa concept for the enjoyment of life, came about as a result of this ambition. This concept was developed with the help of professionals with international experience. RoLigio®, a compound of Romantischer Winkel (RoWi) and religare (Latin), meaning “reconnection”. Back to an enjoyment of nature, culture and adventure. Back to relationships and little whims.
Time and space for forgotten dreams, for old desires and new enthusiasm.

We wish that you also will be able to rediscover the truly important aspects of life and that your life continues to be enriched by your experiences here long after your holiday is over.

With warm regards, the Oelkers family

Over 30 years of the Romantischer Winkel

Tradition – innovation – individuality

Anna Maria and Wolfgang Oelkers open the “Romantischer Winkel Hotel” (3 stars)
in Bad Sachsa, the Harz. It has a large swimming pool and a sauna, 30 beds and approx. 15 employees

The hotel is expanded to accommodate 60 beds; approx. 25 - 30 employees

Opening of the round building, an expansion to the restaurant, a Roman-themed pool complex; 4 stars; 120 beds, approx. 70 employees

Opening of the villa, which cost 4.9 million deutschmarks to restore; opening of the first beauty department & massage practice with one employee; 135 beds, approx. 75 employees

the “Romantischer Winkel” hotel receives 5-star status

The hotel is handed over to Nora and Josef Oelkers

The Tuscan Wing of the hotel is opened, with an extended spa department & sauna complex;
80 rooms, 140 beds, approx. 140 employees

Opening of the RoWi Boutique and small shop

Opening of the “Laguna SPA” outdoor pool. The total spa area now amounts to 3,500 m²; opening of the light and sound space, introduction of the new hotel logo

Opening of the new hotel entrance with the hotel driveway

Opening of the RoWi living room and the new hotel bar

Review of the indoor pool area with opening of the RoLigio®-Biosauna. Opening of the Rivera Maison Lounge.

Expansion and review of the restaurant. Opening of the “Kuschel-Lounge” and the poolside bar. The total spa area now amounts to 3,800 m²

Construction begins in 1976
May 1977
Information board 1976 / 77
New construction 1976
Lakeside room, 1978
“The RoWi stands – May 1978“
During winter, 1979
The former reception
Opening ceremony February 1990
Our employees, 1985
Construction extension October 1988
The extension, July 1989
The extension, January 1989
Swimming pool, 30 years ago
Purchase of the villa in 1991
Renovation from May 1992
To November 1993
July 2002, construction SPA area
… and in June 2007
Construction outdoor pool, April 2007
2016 – our new reception
The new RoWi living room
2016 – the hotel bar after being renovated
The hotel today