Joseph`s Fine Dining

7 reasons to stay with us:


  • A family-run spa hotel
  • Passionate hosts

Absolute “at home” feeling

  • Ideal for young and old, couples, people travelling alone, and families

In the heart of Germany

  • Ideal transport links
  • “The cultural and natural wonder that is the Harz”

A pampering programme which can take place in all weathers

  • Active holiday – numerous sporting activities
  • Relaxation holiday – the largest hotel spa complex in the Harz at 3500 m²

ALL-ROUND pampering programme

  • Almost everything is included
  • Special price savings
  • Full luxury board
  • Fulfilment of individual wishes

Feel-good rooms

  • “Everything that the heart desires – from modern to tasteful”

Simply. Be. Happy! by RoLigio®

  • A unique, multi award-winning spa concept with professional spa experts

Vitality & stable health

»Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.«
The stimulation causes an immediate strong revitalisation of the entire body. By influencing the body's own vibration parameters, positive effects are produced in the muscles, blood circulation and lymphatic system as well as in the interaction of the peripheral and central nervous system. Mobility is improved, pain is relieved and muscles are toned.
Simply look younger (facial treatment)
Simply look younger (facial treatment)
  • the skin’s ageing process is postponed considerably
  • Reduces the formation of wrinkles
  • improves contours
  • makes skin more firm
  • promotes the production of collagen
  • visible results after only 1 application
First treatmentDuration: ca. 25 min. from € 55,-
Follow-up treatmentDuration: ca. 25 min. from € 50,-
What’s best for me (body treatment)
What’s best for me (body treatment)
  • promotes strength and mobility
  • serves to improve circulation and alleviate pain
  • muscles are built up and stretched
  • for injuries to the musculoskeletal system
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • strengthens the nervous system
  • Revitalisation of the entire body through only minimal physical strain
  • has been termed a revolution in the field of physical therapy
  • an effect can be felt immediately
First treatmentDuration: ca. 40 min. from € 65,-
Follow-up treatmentDuration: ca. 25 min. from € 45,-
The power of beauty (cellulite treatment)
The power of beauty (cellulite treatment)
  • supports the lymphatic system in flushing out metabolic products
  • leads to a fat burning process and thus to a reduction in the layers of fat tissue
  • improves the shape of the body through muscle growth
First treatmentDuration: ca. 40 min. from € 65,-
Follow-up treatmentDuration: ca. 25 min. from € 45,-
Unsere Experten nehmen sich in entspannter Atmosphäre Zeit, ganz individuell auf Sie einzugehen. Mittels Herzstresslevel-Messung und Körperanalyse zeigen wir Ihnen den Weg zu bleibender Gesundheit, damit Sie im Alltag weiter leistungsfähig sind.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. from € 70,-
Sauerstoff – das kraftspendende Lebenselixier
Sauerstoff – das kraftspendende Lebenselixier
Konzentrationsprobleme, Müdigkeit, häufige Erkältungen, Kopfschmerzen und Leistungsminderung können Anzeichen von Sauerstoffmangel sein. Eine erhöhte Sauerstoffzufuhr steigert die Leistungsfähigkeit und das allgemeine Wohlbefinden. Ergänzend reichen wir Ihnen ein Vitaminpräparat mit hohem Anteil an Vitamin C, welches eine zentrale Rolle im Rahmen der Immunabwehr spielt und die Zellen vor oxidativem Stress schützt.
Sauerstoffkur 10 Behandlungen from € 250,-
Sauerstoffkur 6 Behandlungen from € 160,-
Sauerstofftherapie und VitamineDuration: ca. 20 min. from € 30,-
Durch magnetische Impulse wird Stress abgebaut, die Durchblutung gefördert und die Zellvermehrung stimuliert. Das wirkt sich positiv auf die Linderung verschiedener Beschwerden aus, wie z.B. am Bewegungsapparat oder bei Entzündungen. Erhöht das Wohlbefinden, stärkt das Immunsystem und verbessert den Allgemeinzustand.
 Duration: ca. 24 min. from € 25,-