Joseph`s Fine Dining

7 reasons to stay with us:


  • A family-run spa hotel
  • Passionate hosts

Absolute “at home” feeling

  • Ideal for young and old, couples, people travelling alone, and families

In the heart of Germany

  • Ideal transport links
  • “The cultural and natural wonder that is the Harz”

A pampering programme which can take place in all weathers

  • Active holiday – numerous sporting activities
  • Relaxation holiday – the largest hotel spa complex in the Harz at 3500 m²

ALL-ROUND pampering programme

  • Almost everything is included
  • Special price savings
  • Full luxury board
  • Fulfilment of individual wishes

Feel-good rooms

  • “Everything that the heart desires – from modern to tasteful”

Simply. Be. Happy! by RoLigio®

  • A unique, multi award-winning spa concept with professional spa experts

Radiance & Natural Beauty

With us, your face, hands and feet will be cared for by professional hands. Get a completely new, healthy and fresh look.
Dr. BABOR Microdermabrasion & Ultraschall
Dr. BABOR Microdermabrasion & Ultraschall

Power peeling for a clear and pure complexion.

Small skin particles are gently exfoliated with tiny crystals. This makes the skin more receptive. A beautiful and even skin texture is formed and thus ensures a younger appearance. Also recommended for acute acne, blemishes and scarring. Use the effective synergy of intensive peeling and deep-acting ultrasound for visibly clear and soft skin. Thanks to the booster effect and the high-quality Dr. BABOR care products, the skin appears smoother and firmer.

We recommend avoiding the sun immediately after the treatment or using sun protection factor 50 for three days.


MicrodermabrasionDuration: ca. 25 min. € 70,-
Mit UltraschallDuration: ca. 50 min. € 99,-
Mit intensivem PowerliftingDuration: ca. 105 min. € 180,-
Dr. BABOR Ultraschall Powerlifting

Micromassage with immediate effect

This highly effective method is used for various skin problems. The ultrasound waves have a massaging, regenerating and tightening effect on the skin. This stimulates the blood circulation and supplies the skin with collagen, elastin and oxygen. The elasticity increases, the anti-aging effect is perfected and the nourishing active ingredients are optimally absorbed again. A special serum, the silver foil mask and high-quality care optimally complement the power lifting. Immediately, the skin looks smoother, younger and plumped up. Alleviates wrinkles, impurities, couperose, pigment and age spots, visually improves scars.


 Duration: ca. 80 min. € 135,-

Facial care for her

Extraportion Frische
Extraportion Frische
Bring your skin out of hibernation, give it a rejuvenating kick and create the perfect basis through regeneration so that beneficial essences and natural active ingredients can be optimally absorbed. A circulation mask activates and ensures muscle relaxation in the face. This leads to firmer skin and gives a fresh, young and rested complexion.
 Duration: ca. 25 min. € 55,-
Relax & Refresh

"Relax & Refresh"

Includes a facial treatment 50 minutes, moisturises the skin

and a back relaxation massage 25 minutes, for relaxation

   € 142,-
RoLigio® Alleskönner
RoLigio® Alleskönner
After a relaxation ritual with RoLigio® Oil Bergamot, we perform a skin analysis, deep cleansing, neck and décolleté care. This is followed by a programme to regenerate the skin's appearance with specially adapted products that address all the skin's needs. A detailed massage of the hands, arms, face, décolleté and the shoulder-neck area with RoLigio® Oil Geranium regulates hormone production and balances emotions.
 Duration: ca. 110 min. € 170,-
RoLigio® Thirst quencher
RoLigio® Thirst quencher
Lends the skin new freshness, vitality and suppleness. The skin’s natural hydration mechanisms are reactivated, and fine lines caused by dryness are smoothed over. The skin feels pleasantly supple, is fresh and radiantly beautiful.
 Duration: ca. 80 min. € 130,-
RoLigio® Wunscherfüller
After a skin analysis, all products are specifically adapted to the particularities of your skin and your wishes are catered for. A RoLigio® oil of your choice supports emotional health and releases inner tension.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 90,-
Pure active ingredient
Pure active ingredient
A smoothing anti-ageing lotion evens out the skin and prepares it for the optimal absorption of active ingredients. The subsequent fleece mask, which is imbued with a highly-effective serum (a present for you to take home) creates an immediate, organic lifting effect, plumps up the skin, smooths fine creases and makes you look visibly younger.
 Duration: ca. 25 min. € 60,-
Dazzling skin full of radiance
  • Express cleansing and care
  • New freshness
  • Highlighter adds glow to the face
 Duration: ca. 25 min. € 50,-
Styling and make-up tips
Styling and make-up tips
Let professionals show you how to emphasise your best features. Receive an exclusive care product for free if you spend more than € 50.00 on products.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 75,-
Friend make-up tips
Friend make-up tips
For 2-3 persons, with a glass of champagne per personDuration: ca. 50 min. € 39,-
For 4-6 persons, with a glass of champagne per personDuration: ca. 80 min. € 39,-
also bookable
also bookable
Eyebrow correction and care  € 27,-
Eyebrow tinting  € 20,-
Eyelash tinting  € 20,-
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting  € 33,-
Eyebrow tinting for facial treatment  € 13,-
Eyelash tinting for facial treatment  € 13,-
Eyebrow and eyelash tinting for facial treatment  € 19,-

Facial care for him

RoLigio® Fresh kick
RoLigio® Fresh kick
This refreshing facial care treatment ensures a wonderful skin sensation and gives you fresh energy.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 90,-
RoLigio® Men only
RoLigio® Men only
Pampering programme for male skin. Our effective care products give stressed and tired skin back its elasticity and freshness, as well as providing for complete relaxation and visible results.
 Duration: ca. 80 min. € 130,-
Cared-for hands
Cared-for hands
A manicure for more attractive hands, featuring a paraffin bath and a hand care treatment, incl. a high-quality exfoliant to use at home.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 72,-
Cared-for feet
Cared-for feet
A relaxing foot bath, exfoliation, foot massage and paraffin bath, as well as a pedicure, ensure perfect feet. Includes a high-quality exfoliant to use at home
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 77,-
RoLigio® Body fit
RoLigio® Body fit
Experience the sensational exfoliating effect of a brush massage. Detoxifying pine oil is rubbed into the skin and the use of a body wrap with active ingredients made from concentrated plant power lend the skin new elasticity. These active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin through the full-body massage, providing it with youthful firmness. People who love massages more than get their money’s worth here.
 Duration: ca. 80 min. € 140,-
RoLigio® Detox bodyshape
RoLigio® Detox bodyshape
A thalassotherapy body treatment uses the power of algae to detoxify the skin. Precious sea salt stimulates the metabolism of the skin through active exfoliation, restoring the tenderness of your skin. The ivy and horse chestnuts in the body wrap serve to dehydrate and strengthen the vascular walls. This removes the strain from your connective tissue, thus strengthening it and refining your figure. While you are in the body wrap, we pamper you with a face and head massage. Following this, you can enjoy some water containing essential lemon oil in order to support the purifying effect of the treatment.
 Duration: ca. 45 min. € 99,-
Relax & feel good
Relax & feel good
Our intense facial treatment for a glowing complexion, combined with a relaxing full-body massage with orange and lavender oil, contributes towards a deep sense of well-being. Includes a free care product for you to take home
 Duration: ca. 110 min. € 175,-
Pure wellness
Pure wellness
Recharge your batteries with a full-body massage which is intense on the muscles. Warm olive oil and targeted hand movements release tension and allow you to relax. What’s more, we also pamper you with a spa pedicure, for velvety-soft and cared-for feet. Includes a free care product for you to take home.
 Duration: ca. 100 min. € 165,-

For all courses we ask for timely registration!

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