7 reasons to stay with us:


  • A family-run spa hotel
  • Passionate hosts

Absolute “at home” feeling

  • Ideal for young and old, couples, people travelling alone, and families

In the heart of Germany

  • Ideal transport links
  • “The cultural and natural wonder that is the Harz”

A pampering programme which can take place in all weathers

  • Active holiday – numerous sporting activities
  • Relaxation holiday – the largest hotel spa complex in the Harz at 3500 m²

ALL-ROUND pampering programme

  • Almost everything is included
  • Special price savings
  • Full luxury board
  • Fulfilment of individual wishes

Feel-good rooms

  • “Everything that the heart desires – from modern to tasteful”

Simply. Be. Happy! by RoLigio®

  • A unique, multi award-winning spa concept with professional spa experts

Powerful massages & therapies

Classical treatments

Classic treatments to relax your muscles and musculoskeletal system, increase your physical performance and activate your metabolism. Invigorating massages and therapies help us to keep you healthy.

All treatments of 50 minutes or more include rest time.

Take it easy
Take it easy
This classic massage releases any tension in the muscles.
BackDuration: ca. 25 min. from € 55,-
Full-bodyDuration: ca. 50 min. from € 90,-
RoLigio® Glacial effusion - massage
RoLigio® Glacial effusion - massage
After a strong shoulder-neck massage, the neck is rubbed with ice cubes. Cooling peppermint oil and fanned air bring summer lightness to the shoulder area.
25 MinutenDuration: ca. 25 min. from € 55,-
Roligio® vitality package
Roligio® vitality package
A targeted massage and gentle mobilisation of the joints with the finest orange oil reduces stress and lifts the mood.
Includes a relaxation period in a warm sand bedDuration: ca. 85 min. from € 135,-
RoLigio® “light of foot”
RoLigio® “light of foot”
Our pleasant foot and calf massage with refreshing Mentha piperita oil alleviates pain, stimulates lymph flow, relaxes and brings the whole body into balance.
 Duration: ca. 25 min. from € 55,-
 Duration: ca. 50 min. from € 90,-
RoLigio® “Everything will be okay”
RoLigio® “Everything will be okay”
Well-trained therapists use their hands like highly-sensitive instruments in order to effectively restore the limited movement of joints and to alleviate pain.
 Duration: ca. 25 min. from € 60,-
 Duration: ca. 50 min. from € 98,-
Intensivieren Sie die Wirkung mit einer heißen Rolle from € 5,-
RoLigio® Sports massage
RoLigio® Sports massage
A special powerful massage with targeted grip techniques and RoLigio® marjoram oil to relax stressed muscles after sporting activities. Relieves tension and helps muscles to regenerate more quickly.
50 MinutenDuration: ca. 50 min. from € 99,-
RoLigio® Swiss stone pine massage
RoLigio® Swiss stone pine massage
While experiencing a relaxing foot massage, a warm Swiss stone pine cushion placed on the chest provides for mental relaxation with an Alpine touch. While you enjoy the calming effect of the cushion and the wonderful scent of the forest, experience a revitalising full-body massage with stone pine oil and special hand movements designed to stretch the fasciae. Has a positive effect on your sleeping behaviour and on your body’s ability to heal itself. We give you the Swiss stone pine cushion as a gift to take home with you.
 Duration: ca. 50 min. from € 99,-